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Born 1956. High School. Proof reader. Trained as journalist 1976-80 (Danish School of Journalism).
Worked as journalist, editor etc. at various danish newspapers, magazines, news agency etc.
Ass. professor at Danish School of Journalism 1988-2001.
Started own business as magazine consultant 2001.
Worked as editorial as well as designing consultant for newspapers and magazines in Denmark, Greenland,
The Faroe Islands, Norway etc.
Teacher at a number of post graduate courses in Denmark, London, Oslo, Stockholm and Berlin.
Teacher at basic courses in journalism and design in Denmark, Greenland and Mongolia.
Author of a number of books, including two novels and the danish “Bible” on magazine making, “The Art of Making
Magazines – what any editor should know about design, journalism and the art of catching the readers”, published in 2000.

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Most of my written work is in danish. I have though written a chapter in english in the book “New media New Journalism” published by The European Journalism Training Association in Maastricht in 1996. If you want to read it click here.


A few years ago I contributed to a wonderful book on one of Denmark’s most famous artists and designers, Finn Nygaard, called “Visual Voice”. To read about Finn and to see some of his most famous posters click here. And shortly after I wrote another interview with Finn Nygaard for another book “Finn Nygaard with Friends” which was published by the end of 2005. To read about the Master of the Poster click here.



My book “The Art of Making Magazines – what any editor should know about design, journalism and the art of catching the readers” has been presented to international publishers – and hopefully this will result in an english version of the book. So far unfortunately without result. To see and read a chapter in english click here.

In the autumn of year 2002 I designed a 196 pages photo book with text in both danish and english. The book was the result of a competition among the new generation of danish photo journalists.


I have produced a number of books in english. They are published by the publishing house Ajour which is part of the danish school of journalism. The covers look like this.



The book “Musical Portraits” was reviewed in DownBeat in september 2011 with the words “This beautifully designed book”.

Over the years I have constructed a number of crossword puzzles for various purposes. Recently I made my first ones in english for a danish brewery with activities also in the Baltic region. If you want to give them a try – find them here. In pdf format. So far I have constructed 4 english cross word puzzles for the brewery.